Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Controller


What’s Included:

3 hours of engineer led remote installation and integration into your home!

  • Home Assistant Green Smart Hub: A central control unit for your smart home.
  • Easy-to-Follow Plug & Play Setup Guide: Simplified instructions for a hassle-free installation.
  • Integration Support for Up to 5 Devices: Includes seamless setup with EV OCPP 1.6 compatible charger, Solar Inverter and battery (where applicable).
  • Guided Installation Assistance: Get expert help tailored to Australian time zones for a smooth setup experience.


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Fast-Track to Solar Electric Vehicle charging controller and Home Automation Platform

3 hours of engineer led remote installation and integration into your home!

Speed Up Your Solar EV Charging & Home Automation Journey with Expert Remote Installation of the Solar Electric Vehicle and Home Automation controller.

Experience the convenience of solar EV charging and comprehensive home automation! Our service propels you into a solar-driven, efficient lifestyle, seamlessly integrating with Home Assistant and any OCPP 1.6 compatible charger. Your journey to smarter motoring is just a step away!


Smart Motion Solar Electric Vehicle Charging using Home Assistant and a OCPP 1.6 compatible controller


Welcome to Effortless Smart Electric Vehicle Charging

Ideal for the busy, individual eager to automate their home and electric vehicle without the complexities. Smart Motion’s solar electric controller offers a quick, adaptable solution. Opt to enhance its functions yourself, or let our expertise assist you.

Our ready-to-use, pre-configured solution makes setup a breeze. It takes the complexity out of setting up something similar to our blog. After installation, you choose whether Smart Motion steps back or continues to manage your system. Embark on this journey today and elevate your home into a smart, solar-powered sanctuary!

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Home Assistant Green Controller, configured and delivered to your house.
  • Remote configuration and custom automations installed based on your needs on a 3-hour labour agreement

It’s more than an Electric Vehicle charger, it is a platform for home automation

This innovative solution is more than just an Electric Vehicle charger; it’s a gateway to a smarter, more integrated home. Built upon the robust foundation of Home Assistant, the acclaimed open-source home automation platform, it empowers you to orchestrate various smart devices in your home seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface, you can manage everything from lights to thermostats with ease. Customisation is at the heart of this system, accommodating a wide array of devices while prioritising local control to ensure your privacy. Step into the future of home automation where your EV charger is not just a power source, but a central hub of your smart home ecosystem.

Next steps: Purchase the Solar Electric Vehicle and Home Automation controller via our online store and we will be in touch to understand your requirements and agree upon automation outcomes.

Weight 0.5 kg

Hardware Specifications

SoC: Rockchip RK3566, Quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 CPU
CPU Frequency: 1.8 GHz
Storage: 32 GB eMMC
Memory: 4 GB LPDDR4X

– Status LEDs: White (Power), Green (Activity), Yellow (Health)
– Power Supply: 12 V DC, 1 A
– USB: 2x USB 2.0 Type-A, up to 2 A
– Display: HDMI (diagnostic use)
– External Storage: MicroSD slot (recovery use)
– Networking: Gigabit Ethernet

Dimensions and Weight:
– Length: 112 mm
– Width: 112 mm
– Height: 32 mm
– Weight: 340 g

– Enclosure: Semi-transparent polycarbonate
– Heatsink: Anodized aluminum

Environmental Conditions:
– Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
– Humidity: Non-condensing
– Indoor use in dry, low-dust conditions

Product Information
– Model No.: NC-GREEN-1175
– Conformity: CE, FCC
– Origin: Made in PRC

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